Pastured Poultry


Ready on Sunday August 23rd


Click here to see how we will be raising your birds!

By pre-paying for the cost and feed of the chickens, we are able to plan ahead accordingly, combine orders and give you the best quality we can give. After the birds are processed you will pay the remaining difference. 

  • If you wish to help on processing day, you will pay wholesale price at $5/lb
    • Just let us know!
  • If you do not wish to help, you will pay retail price at $7/lb


By pre-ordering, you agree that:

  • In the case of predators, only 50% of your cost will be refunded
  • You MUST pick-up your birds within ONE day of processing
    • We unfortunately don’t have freezer space to keep your birds¬†
    • Failure to do so will forfeit your order with no refund

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Process and tasks for processing day:

  1. Collecting the chickens from the chicken tractor and bringing them to the processing station
  2. Humanely put down the chicken
  3. Rinse and scald the bird to loosen the feathers
  4. Put the bird in the feather plucker to remove the feathers
  5. Separate head and feet
  6. Eviscerate (Click here to see a great video on how a chicken is eviscerated)
  7. Save gizzards and bag individually
  8. Ice bath for 10 minutes
  9. Shrink wrap, weigh, and label
  10. Take to cooler
  11. Cleanup