Bacon Burnt Ends


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Comes frozen. Allow to thaw then enjoy.

These have been slowly rendered until tender for so long that while it may not seem like much meat (2/3lb or 10.6oz), it is equivalent to starting with nearly double (or 1.33lbs) of raw pork belly. They are very rich and full of flavor, so as part of a meal, it should feed at least two very hungry adults, more likely three, and maybe even four.

Souped up bacon! Take my standardly delicious scratchmade bacon from pasture raised Hickory Nut Gap pork belly, cube it up, cover it in extra rub, and let it ride in the smoker until tender and delicious. Eat them straight up, put them on tacos, have them with breakfast, put them on pizza…the options are limitless!

Heating Instructions: Refer to label to heat by microwave or stovetop.

Ingredients: Hickory Nut Gap pork belly, eightpointfive BBQ rub, curing sugars and spices, kosher salt, prague powder #1


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