Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Where do we get our greenhouse tunnels and other equipment?

Tunnels –

Greens Harvester –

Silage Tarp –

Shade Tarp –

Weed Mat –

Hoss Tools (Single and Double Wheel Hoe):…

Bootstrap Farmer (drop seeder and microgreen trays) –

Row Cover, Jang Rollers and Seeds – Johnny’s Select Seeds

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  • Can you visit our farm? Yes! Our farm is open to the public every Friday 3-6
  • Do we allow volunteers? At this time we are not hosting volunteers, although we truly appreciate the offer!
  • How do we manage pests? Insect net, beneficial insects, and BT spray (allowed within our CNG certification and only as a last resort)
  • “I want to start farming, how do I get started?” See all the books we recommend here. Sign-up for more in-depth, education videos here.
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