Future Home of Honey Tree Farm

Future Home of Honey Tree Farm

Blank slate. This is exactly what we wanted when we were looking for property to farm. Something we could easily transform into everything we wanted.

When we first moved in, we weren’t sure if our neighbors would support our desire to have a farm. Of course¬†we think it’s beautiful, but would our neighbors agree? We quickly learned that they really enjoy watching our progress, feeding the chickens, and even offered us to use their land! We seriously couldn’t ask for better neighbors.

It turns our that the people who used to own the house before us, Floyd and Dot, built the house and tended to the land their entire lives. Floyd had a reputation for keeping his lawn immaculate, and he farmed sunflowers and pumpkins with a tractor. Dot was known as a very sweet lady that was always willing to help anyone.

Now we continue to steward the land and have built about 1/4 of that grassy spot into four plots of market gardens. Each plot contains 10, 100-foot permanent raised beds. Each bed is 30 inches wide, with 18-inch walkways. This allows us to be small-scale and bio-intensive. As we grow, we can continue to expand all the way to the back of our 4.5 acre property. There’s also some nice plot spots on the northwest side of our property. The possibilities are endless!

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