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  • Arugula

    This salad green gives a peppery kick.

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  • Cabbage

    This is a chinese cabbage and has more crunch than a normal cabbage. Weight ranges from 4-6 lbs.

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  • Carrots

    These sweet crunchy carrots taste so good, you will never want store-bought again.

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  • Chioggia Beets

    Beets with a pink and white spiral inside.

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  • Collards

    A southern staple!

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  • Dinosaur Kale

    Tastes the same as all other kale, but it has long, thinner flat leaves.

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  • Fennel

    This feathery bulb vegetable tastes like anise and is used widely in Mediterranean recipes.

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  • Gold Beets

    Amazing golden colored beets.

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  • Green Bell Pepper

    Crunchy and sweet bell pepper.

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  • Green or Red Head Lettuce – Farmers Choice

    Large head lettuce good for two servings

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  • Microgreens – Farmers Choice

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  • Mini Gem Head Lettuce

    Baby head lettuce good for one serving.

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  • Salad Mix

    A blend of eight different lettuce varieties give you the most taste, texture and color.

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  • Swiss Chard

    Chard is a leafy green with a thick stalk that can be used in soups, sautéed, or in a salad.

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  • Tatsoi

    Asian green good for Asian stir fry and soups.

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  • Turnips

    Enjoy this bunch of turnips roasted or raw in a salad.

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  • Placeholder

    Watermelon Radish

    A beautiful fuchsia color on the inside and slightly sweeter than regular radishes

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  • Scoby for Making Kombucha

    Farm pick-up ONLY


    Scoby with one cup starter kombucha.

    How to brew kombucha:

    1. Boil 1 gallon of filtered water for 10 minutes
    2. Remove from heat
    3. If using tea bags – add 4 green or black tea bags and 4 flavored tea bags of your choice (organic tea is best). If using loose leaf – use 1/2 cup.
    4. Add 1 1/4 cups white sugar.
    5. Stir well to dissolve all the sugar
    6. Let cool down to room temperature (this is important!)
    7. Remove tea bags
    8. Pour tea into a gallon sized glass jar
    9. Pour 1 cup of your kombucha starter into the jar
    10. With clean hands, put SCOBY into the jar
    11. Mix gently with a wooden spoon
    12. Cover your jar with a cheesecloth or washcloth and secure with a rubber band
    13. Keep in a warm, dark place for 7 days. Depending on the temperature, it could take shorter or longer. When 1/4″ layer of a new SCOBY forms on top of your brew, it is generally ready.
    14. With clean hands, take out the SCOBYs and put them into a new glass jar. Pour 2 cups of kombucha into that jar for the next batch
    15. Strain your kombucha into swing top jars – you can also use mason jars but the swing tops hold the carbonation better
    16. You can refrigerate and drink right away, or let it continue to brew for another week – your preference!


    Things to watch out for:

    1. Sometimes humidity can cause mold on your brew. If you ever see any fuzzy white mold on your SCOBY, throw it out and start over with a brand new SCOBY. A good way to prevent mold is to keep the SCOBY moist on the top. I sometimes gently rock the jar to get moisture onto the top of the SCOBY.
    2. Fruit flies – since kombucha turns to vinegar if left for too long, the fruit flies try to get it. Be sure to keep the cheesecloth secure so fruit flies cannot get into your brew. They will lay eggs on the surface of your kombucha.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
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